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I also rely on some power tools to do the power lifting and grunt work.  Some of the selection might not be traditional but it works for me.

Some of the missing players is the table saw.  I did own a table saw as many have, but being in a one car garage, space is limited.  I always wanted to be able to resaw the lumber, specially for the tinner stock where starting with 4/4 rough lumber with the planer eating away most of the stock, which seemed wasteful.

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of getting a bigger bandsaw to be able to resaw and started to question if I could part away with the table saw.  Could I do most of the operation, if not all, with the complement of tools I already owned and I identified if there was any gap.

I did sell my table saw, bought the later mentioned band saw and added the tack saw for handling the bigger panels that the band saw table could not handle.  I agree that the rip cut of the band saw if not as ready as the equivalent on the table saw.  With  the band saw well tuned, nothing that a few pass of a fine tuned plane can not handle, a trade off that I can handle in my work flow.


I own an 8″ jointer.  It is a Delta DJ20 and have been very satisfied  since I own it.  I use the jointer to joint one face and get one edge 90 degrees that the just jointed face.  What if a board is too wide ? Nothing a hand plane cannot get flat enough to get it then through the planer.

I still got the original head with the 3 knives, but I plan to upgrade this one with some sort of helical head in some close future.  Last time I changed the knives made me wonder if there were a better way to get sharper results faster.  I also hear that the results are quieter  with this type of head instead of the straight knives.  I will take anything to lessen the noise of the power tools.



I own a 13″ Dewalt DW735 planer.  So far, it’s been a pretty good companion to the jointer.  Been pretty satisfied with the unit and with the blade change being pretty easy.  Only thing is that the Dewalt blades can’t be resharpen and must be purchased new, if you so choose to buy the originals.  Also, don’t forget to clean the rollers once in the while of the dust/chips that can get stuck after a while.  You will notice that it really needs attention when the stock has issue going through the planer.

So far, the convenience of the mobility has served me plenty.  Would a bigger be better ? Maybe, but so far so good.    

Dewalt Planer DW735
Dewalt Planer DW735


I own a Laguna SE3000 16″ band saw and outfitted it with a Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade from Highland Woodworking. Been very satisfied so far with this combo.   My main use for the band saw is for resaw lumber and for long rip cuts.  My main fixed saw in the shop is the bandsaw.  Not a table saw.

Laguna SUV 16 Bandsaw
Laguna SUV 16 Bandsaw

Fixed Dust Collection

My main dust collection in the shop was a single stage 2HP collector from King Industrial.  See the picture below. 

This is my 2 HP King industrial single stage dust collector that serves up the biggest machine
This is my 2 HP King industrial single stage dust collector that serves up the biggest machine

I had been tinkering with the idea of a full cyclone dust collector for a little while but most had dimensions issues.  I decided to DIY my dust collector and use the motor of my single stage collector and do my main collection and separation with this :


Super Dust Deputy and bucket
My new super dust deputy and it’s 35 gallon bucket, ready for action

I also added the following filter a the end of the motor so that the fine particule be filtered when going back in the shop. 

Oneida Retrofit Filter
Oneida Retrofit Filter cartridge


Portable Dust Collection

My portable/smaller tool dust collection is a Festool CT26 outfitted with a Oneida Dust Deputy.  The Deputy is the main reason that I chose a smaller capacity unit, being able to save on the cost of replacing the bags.  It also is great for separating the dust. The CT26 offers varying levels of succion and also offers a power outlet to power portable tools.  Having most of my portable power tools Festool, A permanent festool cord in plugged in so hooking a unit in makes it a breeze.

Festool CT26 with Oneida Dust Deputy
Festool CT26 with Oneida Dust Deputy


I own 2 routers, one that is fixed in a table and the other to go mobile to do a variety of tasks that it can accomplish  

The first is a Festool OF1400 with the edge guide.  This router does great job with dust collection on pretty much all the operation that I’ve been throwing at it for the past 4 years.  Dust collection is always hooked on through the shroud.  When doing edge work, there is an adapter extending the suction from the top dust collection.

Festool OF 1400EQ
Festool OF 1400 EQ (USA version)

The second router is fixed in a router table.  The router is a Milwaukee 3.25 HP router installed into a Jessem Master Lift Excel.  It is the first model of the table and have since been upgraded.  This duo has made table routing pretty easy.  My only complaint so far has been the dust collection under the table when using raised panel bits.  I must install something to better catch the chips/dust as most of it falls on the floor or gets into the air.


My sander of choose is a Festool EST 150/3, 6″ sander.  Another Festool tool, mainly for dust collection and so far, has done a pretty good job when paired with dust collection.  Again, dust collection is not an after taught as with most Festool tools and no adapter required to hook up a hose to capture the dust.  Please hook up a hose for your dust collection, don’t just rely on the paper bag with the sander.  You won’t regret it.


Track Saw

Well, I’ve covered this one on a few post on the blog side of the site.  Long story short, the TS55REQ had a recall and opted for the upgrade option. I now own a Festool TS75 track saw.  Yes it’s big and heavier then it’s smaller cousin the TS55REQ.

I kept the original blade in the saw which has given good result so far without too much splinters as it exits the cut.  I’ve use this say mainly for crosscut, paired with the MFT/3 from Festool.  I may be looking at getting a cross cut blade eventually.


Drill/Impact Drill

I own a combo kit from Dewalt that has a Hammer drill and impact driver.  It’s one of the older kits that were sold at one point the big box store.  Both of them work very well and outfitted the drill with one of the Festool Centrotec kits (see posts on the kit).  For the impact, I’ve also got most of the bits ready for impact so I don’t strip them (been there done that).


Update : I now also own a Festool T-15 Drill that has replaced the drill part of the combo mentioned above.

Festool T15 drill
Festool T15 drill

Oscillating spindle sander

King Industrial oscillating spindle sander
King Industrial oscillating spindle sander

I started to experiment in curves and some other project that I started and having this addition to the shop is pretty good.  I went with a bench top model suiting my needs so far.

Router table

I have bought a Jessem router table a little while ago at an auction and got it at a pretty good price.  I had a Milwaukee 3hp motor and have all the different accessories that came as if were brand new.  

Router table storage
This is my router table with some storage in the rough below the table
Enclosed router lift
Enclosed router lift
Lift mechanism for my Jessem Router table
Lift mechanism for my Jessem Router table
Mitre gauge for the router table table
Mitre gauge for the router table table

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