Tool Cabinet – Outer Shell Redo

Here is the outer shell after the first glue up

Outer shell of the Tool Cabinet on edge

Tool Cabinet on edge

Well it is not anymore.  I was able to salvage the sides and top/bottom for different parts but for the outer shell, I had to mill more lumber to be able to redo it.

Why Redo the Outer Shell

There are multiple reason to have done this.

  • Not square from the get go
    • When I originally glued up the outer shell , it was not square although I did a dry run
    • the shelf was cut too long and not properly fitted in length when glued the outer shell together
  • Crappy dovetail
    • Personally, there gaps that I am willing to tolerate, but not that much.  I should of not glued it up like that from the get go and should of cut the strip to redo them

So back to square 1.5…. Not quite from scratch but pretty close.  But I am not really discouraged by this, just doing what I should of done from poor job and maybe trying to go too fast or too tired when cutting the joints or what ever the reason.

Even though this is shop furniture, I still like them too look good and don’t want to redo it in whatever time because I did a not so good job.  It does practice and shop time and good organisation of tools.

The lumber is now dimensioned for the outer shell and the dovetails are layout on the main vertical members and now time for sawing to perfection.

Enough writing, lets go woodworking.

Simple is better

Some times, simple is better.  Trying to overcomplicate things is where you loose time for something that is not really worth it.

Sometimes it is worth it to try a new technique or something that you are learning, but not this time for me.

Around Christmas time, I received some gift certificates for a local tool shop (Outils Pierre Berger) and had spotted some sets of screwdrivers that I had been looking for a while.  They are Wera screwdrivers set.  I had tried these screwdrivers and felt good in my hand and was the occasion to pull the trigger on them.

Installed the screwdrivers near the workbench

Installed the screwdrivers near the workbench

They came with sets of hangers that you can hand in different places.  Until I started redoing my tool cabinet to store the different tool set, I found that I did not really have a good place to fit it in.  Did not really want to make new tool holders to fit in the cabinet.

They have since been lying on my workbench without a proper place to hold them and when I was reaching for one of the screwdrivers, I always reminded myself that I had to do something to hold them properly.

So I started with French cleats and tried to arrange something with some scrap wood lying in the shop to construct the assembly and would be long enough to span between the studs.

Well I tried and failed with the french cleat.  I will not go into the details of the assembly that I tried but finally decided to abandoned this install and just found 2 pieces of wood that was big enough to screw 2 screws in the stud (so tall enough) so it would not move and have enough width so that the holder would fit on each of the piece of wood.

All that to say that it was a simple install, just procrastinated long enough and ultimately took about 5 minutes to install and 8 screws and now they are accessible and and I am very happy.

Veritas Small Plow Plane

It’s been a few month now that the holidays are finished and had the time to play around with one of my gifts, the Veritas Small Plow Plane.  Here is a picture :

Varitas Small Plow Plane

Varitas Small Plow Plane



This is one of the joinery plane that makes my life so much easier then setting up a router, except for the longer runs where grooves are necessary, specially close to the edge of a board (typically drawer components).  Not to say that I don’t setup either the router table or hand held router once in a while, but the plow plane does the job and without the noise and dust from the router setup.


First order of business was to sharpen the iron (baught the default size iron of 1/4″), which was pretty easy to do, as Lee Valley does a pretty good job out of the box with there irons to be flat and pretty sharp.  But still tuned it a little bit on the stones and after about 5 minutes, the iron was back in the plane for test cuts.


My experience with the plane, although short in time is very good and the next few project should prove the value of the plane in small drawer making and small boxes.


IF you want to get more information on the plane, please consult the Lee Valley web site through this link and make sure you order the proper hand side that best fits you or order both.  Pretty sure the Lee Valley folks will be pretty happy.

Veritas Large Router Plane

It’s been a few months now that the holidays are finished and had the time to play around with one of my gifts, the Veritas Large Router Plane.  Here is a picture :

Veritas Large Router Plane

Veritas Large Router Plane


Since I’ve been a member for the Hand Tool School, there was a few planes that I wanted to add to the collection and the large router plane was one of them.  After seeing the different lessons that were present within the first semester on how it performed in so many tasks helped convinced me to get one.


I first started with the traditional sharpening of the iron (as on any new plane).  Did not have to do much, knowing the reputation of the Veritas/Lee Valley planes.  The iron on the planes come very good out of the box and this one came as no exception.


In the shop, I unfortunately had very little experience yet with the tool as I did not have the opportunity to use the tool to it’s full potential, but upcoming projects will be putting this tool to the test that I am sure, will accomplish with success.


You can find more information on this plane on the Lee Valley Web site through this link

More to come.



Yes well it’s been a while.


Here are a few updates from the past few months :


– Lie-Nielsen Montreal Event

Yes one year again Lie-Nielsen brought there tool events to Montreal and once again I went and came back with toys to play with.  I am actually awaiting the last tool by I hope tomorrow.  Just waiting for UPS to deliver the nice rip panel saw that was missing.

I got a small LN-41 shoulder plane, the panel saw and the Anarchist tool chest by Chris Schwarz and supporting DVD. More on that last 2 items in another post.

– Dust Collection

Well, a few months ago, my shop vac gave up and had toss it.  Just recently, I replaced it with a ridgid vac.  I also outfitted it with the dust deputy from Oneida which just shipped this week.  Another tool that I can’t wait to try out.  I have a few project to try this out very soon and will sure give it a try.



More Sawing – Really like it

I have finally done half the sawing to complete the ends of a comission (my sister’s entertainment center).


These is one side of an end

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This is the same board within the leg vise of my bench

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This was layed out using the Rob Cosman trick with the dividers.  Not perfect layout or sawing, but it does not make me shiver too much as this is an end of a carcase so not really too visible and the fact that the other end will be of the same color, some minor defect should not show up too much.


Will take s a little break from sawing and now, lets sharpen the chisel and get into those wholes and remove the waste….

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